MAS inngang

We are located within the Karmøy Industrial Park, close to Haugesund on the South Western Coast of Norway.

At our site we have a full scale test- and production facility, with a production capacity of 120.000 metric tons per year.






Massefabrikken AS is a newly developed organization and sizing is dependent on actual production needs. Being located within a large Industrial Park allows for hiring the needed human resources. This means that our organization typically varies from 5-18 employees.

We encompass administrative personnel, maintenance engineers and production personnel. We have also established a Scientific Board to ensure scientific direction and that we produce verifiable and valid R&D results.

Support and Grants

Massefabrikken AS honors our valued support donors

2013       Receives Innovation Norway support.
2012-14 Receives Skattefunn, Norwegian Research Council
2012       Recieves Karmøy Omstillingsselskap support.
2011       Recieves SR-Bank Business Development Fund support 
2011       Receives Industrial R&D support, Innovation Norway
2010       Recieves Innovation Norway startup support

Norsk Hydro AS supports by giving access to the former anode paste plant.